Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday #skvotes Links

 The latest news and notes from Saskatchewan's 2020 election campaign.

- Nicholas Frew reports that a majority of Saskatchewan's voters are willing to fund a reduction in class sizes. And PressProgress highlights how Scott Moe is insisting that the public health measures required in every other indoor space be waived in order to allow for classrooms to remain overcrowded and underfunded.

- Jen Quesnel, Winter Fedyk and Tammy Robert offer their take on this week's leadership debate. 

- The Canadian Press reports on the NDP's outreach to - and support among - voters who have supported the Saskatchewan Party in the past. 

- Merle Massie challenges the new, provincially-appointed firearms officer to pay attention to the real threat of gun suicides. 

- And finally, Ahmereen Salim and Peter Gilmer write about the need for legislation to move us toward an end to poverty. 

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