Thursday, October 15, 2020

Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Gloria Dickie documents how the Arctic region may already be in a death spiral caused by climate change. Katharine Murphy reports on IMF research showing that current policies and plans are woefully inadequate to address the climate crisis. Joseph Winters notes that the default position of U.S. residents is to recognize the danger and demand action - though of course even the most optimistic prospects for next month's elections won't see that reflected in policymaking. And Paris Marx writes about the need to challenge the inequality of wealth and power in order to make meaningful strides to avert a climate breakdown. 

- Meanwhile, Carbon Brief notes that solar electricity is now the cheapest form of energy ever available.

- Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean responds to the UCP's plans to privatize hospital services by pointing out how the inevitable result of inserting corporate actors into medical functions (with a motive to skimp in order to pad a bottom line) is for the public to pay more and get less. And Danyaal Raza and Naheed Dosani highlight how pay-to-play COVID testing serves to break down common interests and purposes within an pandemic.

- Finally, Duncan Kinney reports on the openness to outright Naziism on the part of some prominent Wexiteers. And PressProgress exposes Saskatchewan Party cabinet minister Greg Ottenbreit's propensity for reinforcing the message of anti-Semitic and outright lunatic figures who have been condemned even by U.S. Republicans.

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