Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Tuesday Evening Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Sarath Peiris discusses the foolishness of prioritizing the self-indulgence of the grossly uninformed over the protection of the vulnerable. For those looking for a thoughtful discussion of how to avoid recklessly gambling with public health, Andre Picard discusses how protections could be removed responsibly. And Yasmine Ghania talks to public health experts about what living with COVID would mean if it wasn't based in wilful denial. 

- Jacob Serebrin reports on Quebec's soaring count of pediatric hospitalizations, while Noah Ivers and Cora Constantinescu urge parents to get children vaccinated as soon as possible. And Yan Xie et al. examine the long-term cardiovascular damage caused by COVID. 

- Stefanie Davis reports on the push by Saskatchewan workers to demand some protection - though that was met with a typically callous response as Scott Moe has chosen to surrender utterly to COVID. And Julia Raifman, Alexandra Skinner and Aaron Sojourner study how low-income workers have borne the brunt of the pandemic.

- Peter Coy discusses how wealth inequality in the U.S. has reached a higher level than has been seen since World War II. Heather Vogell points out the problem with private equity taking over needed housing and turning a human right into a profit centre. And Alex Collinson discusses how the UK's cost-of-living crisis is the result of the systematic transfer of wealth from workers to the wealthy - which won't be improved any by suppressing wages. 

- Finally, Peter Votsch offers some thoughts about building labour strength in the workplace. And the Globe and Mail's editorial board argues that Canada needs to ensure its labour and employment laws protect gig workers.

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