Thursday, February 10, 2022

Thursday Evening Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Zak Vescera reports on leaked information showing that Saskatchewan's COVID hospitalization rate has reached a record high just as Scott Moe decided to starve the public of information about the toll being taken by an ongoing pandemic. Meredith Wadman discusses the growing recognition of the long-lasting effects of infection - including heart disease lasting a year or more after "recovery". And a Nature editorial highlights the need for far more research into the harm long COVID is inflicting on children.

- Linda McQuaig is rightly angry that violent racist insurrectionists were handed the keys to Canada's capital. And James Gacek writes that it's past time to put #FluTruxKlan and its denial of science (along with reality in general) behind us. But Robert Hiltz notes that there's plenty that we should be concerned about in our governments' lack of action to protect people's health and well-being over the course of the pandemic - which makes it all the more appalling that the most prominent voices of opposition are complaining about their having done too much.

- Meanwhile, Joe Roberts offers a reminder that there's a readily-available option to ensure that the convoy and its political enablers can't take full power over our federal government with the support of a minority of voters.

- Henry Fountain discusses the new satellite imagery of methane leaks, while adding the observation that Canada and China bear the dubious distinction of having so many concentrated leaks in fossil fuel-producing areas as to make it impossible to distinguish them. And Stephen Huddart writes that we need to start living based on the reality that a climate breakdown is already well underway.

- Finally, Larry Elliott highlights how much better off everybody would be if labour movements were stronger.

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