Sunday, February 06, 2022

Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Melody Schreiber discusses how the U.S.' inequality and lack of support for workers has severely exacerbated the pandemic. And Eric Schwitzgebel examines what it means to be a COVID jerk - and how their ubiquity and prominence has made life worse for everybody else.

- The Canadian Press reports on new research confirming that a strong majority of Canadians still support vaccine mandates and passports, along with other public health measures to limit community transmission. And Sandy Garossino points out how the response of Donald Trump and other Republican politicians shows how the #FluTruxKlan convoy has been stoked and manipulated by the U.S.' most extreme political actors.

- Shree Paradkar discusses how the hate behind the convoy was always apparent to anybody who wasn't looking to make excuses for privileged white insurrectionists. And Kaitlin Geiger-Bardswich writes that the convoy is effectively domestic abuse on a social scale.

- Finally, Helena Horton reports on new research showing that the carbon emission gap between the rich and the poor is only growing.

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