Monday, February 07, 2022

Monday Afternoon Links

Assorted content to start your week.

- Bruce Ziff highlights how axing vaccine passports and other basic health protections would only eliminate freedom for the vast majority of people who want to be able to act responsibly in the face of a pandemic. And Karen Mossman and Matthew Miller write that we'll face far more difficulty trying to build a better future after COVID if we allow it to run rampant now. 

- Meanwhile, Judy Rebick and Corvin Russell discuss the need for a strong left position on the pandemic, including increase social solidarity and support, as well as protections for the workers being placed at risk while facing increased demands from callous governments. And Jen St. Denis notes that part of the response to #FluTruxKlan intimidation has been renewed recognition of the importance of health care and service workers. 

- David Climenhaga traces the convoy to interference by the U.S.' far right in Canadian politics, while Eli Sopow notes that it has also exposed some of the bigotry and violence which had been waiting below the surface. And Abbas Rana discusses the growth of "disruption politics" even where it runs contrary to the interests and choices of most citizens. 

- Finally, Rick Smith writes about the importance of the next year in developing climate policy which will chart Canada's path for decades to come. And Tim Radford discusses the need to put an end to systematic plastic pollution as another element of living within our planetary boundaries.

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