Friday, October 23, 2020

Friday #skvotes Links

While advance voting continues to shatter Saskatchewan's previous records, there's plenty of new information for people still making their decision.

- Julia Peterson reports on Elections Saskatchewan's warning that the tens of thousands of mail-in ballots won't be counted until after election day - meaning that many results could remain up in the air for at least a few days after Monday. 

- Arthur White-Crummey offers a comparison of the track records of the most recent NDP and Saskatchewan Party governments - showing the latter relying on resource price- and debt-fuelled growth for its few advantages. And Murray Mandryk rightly recommends looking at the facts rather than partisan advertising to evaluate the competing claims.

- CTV has posted interviews with each of the party leaders, including Ryan Meili, Naomi Hunter, Scott Moe, Robert Rudachyk, Wade Sira and Ken Grey.

- CBC News examines how our climate breakdown has received far too little attention within the election campaign (particularly going beyond power generation), even as it's a regular topic of political discussion and debate.

- Zak Vescera reports that the Sask Party's failures to respond to the province's HIV crisis have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, while also pointing out how poverty feeds into its spread. And Poverty Free Saskatchewan offers its recommendations to finally eliminate poverty in the province - with a needed first step being to reverse the cutbacks and clawbacks regularly imposed by the Sask Party.

- Finally, Juliet Bushi discusses the need for the next provincial government to recognize and address systemic racism and inequality.

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