Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Paula Ethans points out how anti-maskers and other COVID cranks have cynically drawn on the language of progressive protest movements to exacerbate the dangers of a deadly pandemic. And Umair Haque argues that the upcoming U.S. election may determine whether or not the country is even liveable in the years to come.

- Seth Klein discusses the challenges posed by our climate crisis - and the need to do more in response than any party in British Columbia's election plans to pursue. And Jerry Dias writes about the increasing prospects that cooperation between government, labour and management can held to foster an electric vehicle industry in Canada. 

- Angella MacEwen, Mark Rowlinson, Andrew Jackson and Katrina Miller discuss (PDF) how to develop a basic income which fits within a social democratic model.

- Chris Selley highlights how the refusal of the RCMP to protect Indigenous fisheries from arson and violence shows the conditionality and selectivity of the rule of law in Canada.

- Finally, George Monbiot writes about the UK's privatized COVID-19 testing and tracing which has resulted in massive, unexplained payments to well-connected businesses, but an utter failure to achieve the goal of preserving public health.

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