Friday, October 23, 2020

Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- Mariana Mazzucato offers her take as to how to set our economy onto a positive course in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. And Ed Broadbent and Brittany Andrew-Amofah discuss how to fund a full and just recovery.

- Erica Alini reports on the long-term job losses caused by COVID-19, and the need for public supports to address the needs of the affected workers. Armine Yalnizyan confirms that the pandemic has been particularly hard on women, while pointing out how child care is among the essential elements of the needed response. And Patrick Brethour notes that any surface reduction of the gender gap in wages is an illusion resulting from women being pushed out of the workforce.

- Matt Simon makes the case for the U.S. to revive the New Deal's Civilian Conservation Corps to provide needed jobs while also remediating environmental hazards which have been allowed to fester far too long. 

- Sara Hastings-Simon discusses how solar and wind power have emerged as the most effective energy sources - despite the best efforts of the fossil fuel cartel to prevent the development of cleaner alternatives. Andrew Nikiforuk writes about a new report showing liquid natural gas to be a bad bet. And Jasper Jolly reports on a new study showing that electric vehicles may be as affordable to manufacture as traditional ones as soon as 2024 - making additional publicly-funded research into oil and gas extraction look like an utter waste.

- Finally, Justin Parkinson writes about a growing push to ensure that electrical consumer goods come with repairability ratings to promote durability and reduce avoidable consumer waste.

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