Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Well said

For the nearly definitive commentary on the NDP's proposed non-confidence motion, CalgaryGrit has it. All I'll add is that I have a few more doubts that it'll actually force a February election - not because anybody will choose to force a Christmas election instead, but because it'll be tough to hold the Libs to the motion, particularly since Parliament won't be in session when the writ would drop under its terms.

Ultimately, PMPM will get to choose whether he'd rather accept the motion and see the second Gomery report go public mid-election, or ignore the motion and continue on his previous timetable while facing a Parliamentary mutiny. I'm less sure than CG that the Libs will prefer the former result, though either way the motion is ultimately a plus for the opposition.

Update: I stand corrected, as the motion may apparently itself require that Parliament reconvene in January:
(S)trategists for the opposition said they have the numbers to use their opposition days this fall to force the Commons to reconvene in January and allow them an opportunity to table a no-confidence motion to defeat the government. That would effectively enforce Mr. Layton's new timetable.

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