Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The end or the beginning?

Larry Zolf comments on the ongoing Arar saga:
Arar seemed subdued and cautious on television. He seemed less a man exonerated than a man with a lot of problems. He can’t find a job in his chosen profession of engineering, is shunned by his fellow Muslims and is treated very poorly by Canadians in general...

The press and politicians are now falling all over themselves to defend Arar and give him his place in Canadian society. But to the Americans he is still a pariah and in Canada he fares no better.

We haven’t yet heard the end of the Arar story.
I for one hope Zolf is right about that, but for that to happen the media will have to be willing to point out that the current Liberal crocodile tears over Arar's treatment are in stark contrast to the complete lack of action when Arar was rendered and tortured. They'll have ample opportunity to do so when the results of the inquiry are released, but it seems all too likely that the results will be a one-day story rather than being seen as a continuing need for change.

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