Thursday, November 10, 2005

Good advice

Apparently the U.S. is starting to take Jim Reed's advice on dealing with Iran. From Reed's latest column:
The old war on communism cannot be fully equated with the new war on terrorism but the path to a solution looks increasingly familiar. It is becoming clear that the invasion of Iraq, the bellicose American rhetoric toward Syria, the absence of a clear and strong policy toward peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and the unwillingness to recognize Iran for the position of power it holds in the region have had the effect of leaving American policy in tatters...

A rapprochement with Iran may be an unthinkable idea. It may be anathema to U.S. policy-makers who still have vivid memories of the violent occupation of their embassy in Tehran back in 1979. But on the other hand, perhaps enough time has passed now to move on.
And the latest news about Iran's nuclear standoff?
The United States and Europe are ready to compromise with Iran over its nuclear program and have tentatively approved a plan that would allow it to make the gas used to enrich uranium, senior officials and diplomats said Thursday...

The official emphasized the plan would not formally be proposed by the Americans and Europeans. Instead, he said, they were looking to the Russians to make such an offer, which they then could approve.
Of course, the U.S. isn't willing to be seen taking the first step toward agreement. And the actual move may not be enough to win Iran's approval, as it still seems contrary to the recognition of sovereignty to act as it pleases that Iran has been seeking all along.

But at the very least, the U.S. and Europe seem to be waking up to the fact that any real solution with regard to Iran is going to come through negotiation rather than threats and posturing. We can only hope that Iran can recognize the same reality on this issue, and that success this time will in turn lead to more use of the same principle.

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