Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Planning ahead

You know it's the NDP's day when David Dodge puts the party's signature issues in the headlines:
Bank of Canada governor David Dodge says the country's pension system must be strengthened so it can continue to play an important role in the economy and contribute to the efficiency of financial markets.

Mr. Dodge noted that defined-benefits pension plans, which make up the bulk of private employer-sponsored pensions, have been in decline in recent years as they face bigger and bigger deficits...

Mr. Dodge said provinces and the federal government must all get involved in the overhaul.

The central bank's governor discussed incentives under which large pools of capital of different types of pensions are accumulated and invested.
Not that Dodge proposes much of a solution at all, let alone one that the NDP would get behind. But the comment should highlight the fact that the Liberals have failed utterly to protect pensions thus far, highlighting the fact that only one federal party wants to take action to help workers who want to see the benefits they've bargained for.

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