Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Tuesday Morning Links

 This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Elizabeth Kolbert examines three of the main scenarios for our climate future - with the option of using existing technology to make a full transition to a clean society in time to limit our climate breakdown remaining on the table for now. And Katy Daigle writes about Katharine Hayhoe's work to make sure people understand - and can find hope in - the path toward a sustainable future.

- But Don Pittis discusses how Alberta (and by implication any pathetic echo thereof) is lagging behind the rest of Canada in clinging to fossil fuels as the rest of the world shifts to cleaner energy. And Gregory Beatty points out the utter failure of the Saskatchewan Party to take responsible steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

- Elizabeth Elkin reports on a new move by Wall Street to commodify water through futures contracts. And Matthew Rozsa examines how the U.S.' suppression of protesters has included the deployment of so many chemicals that it's affecting water supplies.

- Jeremy Simes highlights how Saskatchewan teachers are facing impossible demands to educate and protect students in overstuffed and underfunded classrooms.

- Finally, Karen Howlett reports on the private clinics exploiting the failure of governments to ensure people have access to COVID-19 testing. And it's worth noting that Babylon Health - which has been the subject of many serious questions in Alberta - is being rolled out (and heavily advertised) as an alternative to public health care in Saskatchewan and elsewhere as well.

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