Sunday, June 07, 2020

Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Andrew Niikiforuk discusses why we shouldn't count on a COVID-19 vaccine to emerge at all - nor to fully resolve the dangers of the coronavirus even if it is eventually developed. 

- David Suzuki argues that a mere return to normal isn't good enough even if it eventually proves possible. The Globe and Mail's editorial board makes the case for expanded health coverage - though it falls short of demanding that be a universal public system. And Heather Scoffield writes that we shouldn't stop treating people facing homelessness with caring and dignity once the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

- Danielle Goldfarb notes that immediate job reports are is missing much of the impact of the coronavirus on incomes and ongoing economic participation. And Hassan Yussuff and Goldy Hyder write that there won't be a full recovery without a massive investment in child care.

- Alexandra Mae Jones reports on research showing the many outbreaks of COVID-19 in mining operations which have prioritized the extraction of materials over human life. And CBC News reports that Ontario is only starting to ensure coronavirus testing for migrant workers after multiple deaths and dozens of cases.

- Finally, Brandy Morin writes that Canadians reacting to the U.S.' protests against racial violence and inequality need to own up to our own history of discrimination against Indigenous people. Masai Ujiri calls for people with power and privilege to use their positions to combat continued discrimination. And Leyland Cecco calls out Justin Trudeau for limiting himself to words and photo ops, rather than using the power of government to reform policing in Canada.

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