Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Wednesday Afternoon Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Brink Lindsey discusses what the coronavirus pandemic has revealed about the failings of both libertarian philosophy, and the public sector apparatus left after decades of neoliberal neglect.

- Paul Krugman writes that the U.S. is failing the marshmallow test when it comes to maintaining protections against the spread of COVID-19. Alexis Madrigal and Robinson Meyer warn about the apparent plan to give up on fighting against the pandemic. Marc Santora warns that far too many governments are choosing to declare business at usual in the face of a continued threat - even where the coronavirus is already far from under control. And Laurie Monsebraaten and Kristen Rushowy report on the impossible demands Ontario is making of child care centres in throwing them open without warning, consultation or funding, while Bruce Arthur writes about the risk that creates for parents.

- Meanwhile, Kate Kelland reports on new research suggesting that widespread mask use could prevent a severe second wave.

- Jennifer Koshan, Lisa Silver, and Jonnette Watson Hamilton rightly criticize the UCP's attempt to legislate the principle that pipelines trump the freedoms of expression and assembly. And Brandi Morin and Anya Zoledziowski highlight the response by Indigenous communities who haven't been consulted about numerous new laws prioritizing tar sands development over human and environmental health.

- Finally, Yellowstone to Yukon notes that UCP's closure of parks and recreational facilities looks to be connected directly to its desire to ramp up coal mining for little apparent purpose other than to spew as much carbon pollution as possible. And that comes as new research shows that it won't cost the U.S. a dime to transition to 90% clean energy by 2035, including by phasing out coal power entirely.

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