Monday, June 08, 2020

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Stephen Long writes that one of the key economic symptoms of the coronavirus pandemic has been to push people into underemployment. And CBC Radio examines how people with disabilities have been left out of both conversations as to how to respond to COVID-19, and the resulting relief programs.

- David Climenhaga examines the Kenney UCP's legislative attack on freedom of expression and assembly. Jonny Wakefield highlights how little would be accomplished by Kenney's plan to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on a provincial parole board. And Dave Cournoyer discusses why Kenney's insistence on attacking his citizens and the people who serve them has made him one of the few leaders not to earn support in his COVID-19 response.

- Nicole Mortillaro reports on the opportunities to reduce our carbon pollution while building a prosperous and sustainable economy.

- Meanwhile, Yrjo Koskinen, J. Ari Pandes and Nga Nguyen argue that the income trust structure which once underwrote the expansion of the tar sands could be used to fund a transition to renewable energy. But it's certainly worth questioning whether it's necessary to set up gratuitous giveaways to capital as the price of a clean economy - particularly when there's every opportunity to instead ensure the purveyors of dirty fuel pay the price, as Jon Porter reports is happening through Germany's requirement that gas stations offer electric car charging.

- Finally, Karen Foster discusses how the pandemic has pointed the way toward a four-day work week which reduces hours but not pay. But needless to say, the Fraser Institute is pushing a model which would instead force workers to choose between maintaining pay and reducing work, while putting them on the hook for productivity increases to cover the gap.

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