Monday, March 02, 2020

On continued embarrassments

Abbas Rana's revelation that the Cons have decided to protect all of their incumbent MPs from any internal accountability seems to have received relatively little attention. But it's particularly worth paying attention to it given how many Cons have gone out of their way to demonstrate they're not up to their current jobs.

Surely voters should have at least some option other than to be stuck with a representative signing on to a grossly ignorant and inflammatory separatist manifesto.

Surely constituents should have an opportunity to challenge an MP trying to push anti-abortion legislation through Parliament, or undermining decades of progress in respect for the LGBTQ community.

And surely citizens should be able to question whether a failed leader reduced to ranting about children's TV shows deserves to represent them on the ballot.

But the Cons have declared they don't want anybody who to have better choices than the utter embarrassments currently in their ranks - whether based on what they've done so far, or what they continue to do while holding positions of public trust. And that should speak volumes as to the party's institutional unfitness for office.

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