Thursday, March 05, 2020

New column day

Here, on the Saskatchewan Party's refusal to accept that nuclear power is as impractical as it is unpopular - and how that fits into the view the province's voters should take of Scott Moe's government.

For further reading...
- The Uranium Development Partnership's report is archived here (PDF), and Dan Perrins' subsequent public consultation report here (PDF).
- Elise von Scheel reported here on Moe's nuclear reactor announcement (alongside Doug Ford and Blaine Higgs, who at least have previous dependence on nuclear power as an excuse). But then, Richard Carlson discussed why Ontario too has far better options than to keep pushing nuclear.
- Jim Harding and Theresa McClenaghan (in a report by Jordan Gill) highlighted some of the glaring problems with a plan to rely on undeveloped hypothetical power rather than real clean energy.
- And as a reminder of what Alberta has been able to accomplish by pursuing renewables, remember that its solar and wind power are now its most affordable (and environmentally-friendly) power sources.

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