Saturday, June 06, 2009

Yens Pedersen speech semi-liveblog

Off the top, Yens is the clear winner in the "best prop" category with his hairbands.

Unfortunately the sound editing in Yens' introductory video seems a bit inconsistent - some of the personal appeals are in the jarring side, taking away from the message.

Nice closer from a young fan: "I want a party that's as brave as a lion"

Gord Gunoff, a 1986 candidate and constituency exec since, introduces Yens - "I have paid the dues, and the dues are worth it"

Outline of energy plan, a bit wonkish - followed by describing Yens as "most honourable individual I have ever met"

Raquel Fletcher, 2008 federal candidate, goes next - discusses party renewal, passion for NDP - "winning the next election with integrity"

Pat Trask (?), another 1986 candidate, describes Yens' family and youth

"Party needs a good rebuilding" - Yens as leader to carry that out

Pedersen takes the podium, starts thanking convention/leadership planners and volunteers

NDP as "people first" party - pensions, health care as achievements

"Members have great ideas, but somebody needs to listen to them"

"Courage to be unpopular, integrity to do what's right regardless of polls"

Lots of policy included in story about talk with one party member who asked about plan - response "where others have promises, you have plans" - but Yens pivots to say the goal is to discuss what can be done better, not to assume his plans have to happen as suggested - "you don't pick a leader to be a know-it-all", analogy of leader as orchestra conductor

"I ask you to dream big dreams, make them a reality"

Now that's a surprise - more of the audience is on its feet for Yens than for Link.

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