Saturday, June 06, 2009

Dwain Lingenfelter speech semi-liveblog

Stephanie Wotherspoon introduces Lingenfelter and his "incredible journey", starting with a mention of endorsements before segueing into a photo/video presentation. (With musical accompaniment from Jack Semple, which is always a good call.)

Wotherspoon asks for applause for Lingenfelter and his family - but doesn't seem happy with the result.

Of note: Lingenfelter's backdrop is exactly the same as one of Calvert's yesterday with the name replaced. (Though that may be a party format which Higgins didn't use.)

Link starts flanked by 30-40 supporters onstage by again highlighting his province-wide tour while thanking volunteers, emphasizing competitiveness in all ridings

"I've learned and listened from a new generation of candidates and activists"

A noun. A verb. November 7, 2011.

Lingenfelter's stated theme: "why winning matters", starting with emphasis on Crowns and utility rates - Wall carrying out "privatization on the installment plan", compared to Link's SaskEnergy proposal

Increased public ownership of water as another policy plank - has this been announced before?

Environment and energy discussion, again with a focus on Wall's actions

Labour relations - again going after Wall as going to war with workers

Rural issues - "NDP has left rural Saskatchewan, we're going to change that", dissatisfaction with Wall - interesting issue of "taking on" fertilizer + chemical companies

Mentions health care, housing, child care as areas of difference with the Sask Party - but then those didn't get mentioned in his platform

Message of unity - what divides us will be far less important than what unites - thanks other candidates and their volunteers

For all the orange Link shirts in the room, maybe 25-30% of the room seemed to stand and applaud at the end. But we'll find out soon whether he's won over enough of the crowd at the ballot box.

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