Saturday, June 06, 2009

Deb Higgins speech semi-live blog

Leah Sharpe introduces Deb - focusing first on Higgins' campaign finance proposal (actually using the familiar "kitchen table" vs "boardroom table" frame) before running through an overview of Higgins' platform.

A first shot at Link - "never left for greener pastures" - followed by a positive appeal for a first female leader

20ish people are on stage with Deb - but it looks like only she and Sharpe will speak

Deb takes a quick swipe at her competitors, saying she's not in the race either out of ambition or to build experience

Challenges attacks based on her background as a grocery clerk - says she can speak from experience about the rights and needs of working people

Also challenges "university education" point - learned economics, labour relations, politics and law from experience

"Experience is important...but also commitment" - politics as belonging to citizens, not corporations and non-residents who fund Wall

Going into a deeper analysis of policies - which may be a good place for a new post.

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