Sunday, January 02, 2022

Sunday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Ryan Cooper highlights the reasons to be careful about any COVID minimizers seeking to declare the Omicron variant as too mild to cause problems for our health care system. Ryan Patrick Jones reports on the choice of Ontario (and other provinces) to choose out-of-control transmission over any effort to limit the magnitude of the fifth wave. And David Robertson and Peter Doshi discuss what it means to end a pandemic - though it's worth noting that several attempts to declare it over by their definition have already given way to the realities of ongoing death and destruction.

- Eric Doland reports on new research showing a less-than-surprising connection between COVID denialism and infection with the disease. And Devi Sridhar discusses how weaponized misinformation has also resulted in threats to the experts working to keep us up to date with accurate data.

- Meanwhile, Tim Lister discusses how Cuba and other Latin American countries have been able to achieve an exceptionally high vaccination rate - with Cuba's home-grown vaccine development and manufacturing serving as a particularly positive success story.

- Catherine Bennett writes about the folly of demanding that satire such as Don't Look Up be toned down to be less absurd than the reality it's attempting to mimic. 

- And finally, if we needed more examples of our laughable neglect of the climate breakdown, Bloomberg reports on one U.S. operator's methane cloud visible from space which didn't need to be reported for emissions accounting purposes because it arose out of normal maintenance activities.

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