Monday, January 03, 2022

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- CTV reports on Alberta Health Services' recognition that tens of thousands of the province's residents project to suffer from long COVID. Alex McKeen reports on Ontario's missing health care workers as the Omicron variant runs rampant, while Enzo Dimatteo examines the potentially catastrophic consequences of a collapse in testing capacity. Clare Ansberry and Nidhi Subarraman chime in on the growing recognition that cloth masks fall short of cutting down sufficiently on the spread of Omicron. And Emily Oster discusses the risks of COVID for small children who can't get vaccinated.

- Tobias Debell and Mathieu Rousselin ask whether it's possible to move past the neoliberal belief system which has exacerbated the pandemic (along with so many other crises). And Andrew Parkin notes that while public opinion in Canada has changed very little in the wake of COVID-19, the general population remains strongly in favour of using the power of government to reduce inequality between the rich and the poor.

- Meanwhile, Branko Marcetic writes that Don't Look Up is particularly noteworthy in exposing the sheer stupidity of political discourse in comparison to the seriousness of the issues which actually require political resolution.

- David Wallace-Wells discusses the horrifying urban firestorms in Colorado as a new development in the breakdown of our climate. Harry Brechner, Anna Greenwood-Lee and Richard Kool call for a coherent and focused social fight to prevent it from deteriorating further. And Heather Short pushes people to move from words to direct climate action.

- Finally, Philip Goff writes that a land tax could go a long way toward ensuring the people with the most wealth contribute their fair share toward a society that works for everybody.

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