Saturday, September 04, 2021

Saturday Evening Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- Doug Cuthand highlights how we can't afford to let our guard down against the dangers of COVID-19, while Allysha Howse notes that a full-on lockdown may be approaching if Ontario (and other provinces) can't change course in a hurry. The Leader-Post and Star Phoenix editorial boards and Murray Mandryk each point out the Moe government's utter uselessness in the face of an impending wave. And Bill Chappell reports on new research showing how the U.S.' prison system caused millions of avoidable COVID cases and tens of thousands of deaths.

- Natasha Abhayawickrama counters criticisms of climate activism by noting that young people are rightly anxious over the precarious future they face, not the effort people are making to try to achieve something better. Norm Farrell discusses the absurdity of subsidizing the fossil fuels which are causing a climate breakdown. Aliya Uteuova reports on the callous "thoughts and prayers" response of oil giants to a devastating hurricane whose effects were worsened by their decades of climate deception. And the Juice offers an Honest Government Ad for carbon capture and storage:

- Adam King discusses how unionizing drives at Indigo stores offer a positive sign for labour organizing in Canada. And Gil McGowan suggests that Alberta's workers celebrate Labour Day by pushing for Jason Kenney to resign from the position he's used to trample them.

- Meanwhile, Clive Thompson writes that the opportunity to work from home during the pandemic has revealed how much there is to gain from allowing people to structure their own work spaces.

- Finally, Helen Pidd and Georgina Quach report on the UK's crumbling system of social services as immense demands have been met with zero additional resources.

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