Friday, September 03, 2021

#Elxn44 Roundup

The latest from Canada's federal election campaign.

- Jim Stanford writes about the evolution of political and economic thought toward accepting deficits as a readily affordable price of supporting people through a crisis and investing in Canada's future. 

- D.T. Cochrane examines the NDP's plans to close tax loopholes, and finds plenty to be enthusiastic about. And in contrast, PressProgress highlights the complete lack of substance to the Libs' home-flipping tax. 

- Steve Morgan and Linda Silas write about the need to move from talk to action in implementing pharmacare, while Danyaal Raza points out how the Libs are instead backsliding in refusing to discuss it as a priority. 

- Joe Roberts discusses why we shouldn't get overly caught up in horse race coverage of the campaign. Darrell Bricker notes that the NDP may be in an ideal position to keep building on what's already been an impressive surge in support. And Angus Reid polls the contrast between what Canadians actually want to see as an election outcome, and what they expect. 

- Finally, Devon Rowcliffe asks whether voters will be fooled by Erin O'Toole's attempt to be a political chameleon.

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