Friday, September 03, 2021

Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- Lynn Giesbrecht talks to Alexander Wong about the Moe government's refusal to prepare for a fourth wave of COVID-19 that's been readily obvious to anybody willing to pay attention. Ed Yong writes about the efforts of long-haul COVID patients to have policymakers acknowledge their need for support and treatment. And Michela Antonelli et al. find that the benefits of vaccines include reducing the likelihood of long-duration symptoms, while David Cole and Daniel Mach make the case that mandatory vaccination is a freedom-enhancing option compared to forcing people to endure the avoidable risk of a debilitating disease. 

- Meanwhile, Armine Yalnizyan examines some of the social changes that have arisen out of the COVID and climate crises. 

- Sarah Chaney Cambon and Danny Dougherty discuss how Republican cuts to COVID benefits served only to plunge people into poverty without seeing any improvement in job growth. Leah Willingham and Jay Reeves point out that people without resources have faced the worst of Hurricane Ida due to their inability to escape emergency circumstances. And Jessica Bruno writes about the gap between the income people need to thrive in the GTA as currently structured, and the amount most residents actually bring in. 

- Jacqui Germain interviews Naomi Klein about disaster capitalism in the midst of far too many examples of its operation. And Megan Brenan reports on the continued growth in popularity of unions in the U.S. as people recognize the need for collective action to counter corporate power. 

- Chris Ensing reports that an explosion near Wheatley, Ontario may be just the start of the carnage resulting from abandoned gas wells. And Alex Bozikovic discusses how denser cities are an essential part of any plan to avert climate disaster.  

- Finally, Damian Carrington reports on new research showing that air pollution is cutting short the lives of billions of people. 

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