Friday, August 27, 2021

Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- BBC News reports on the record COVID numbers arising in Scotland, while Josh Lynn and Carla Shynkaruk report on Charlie Clark's call for vaccine passports as the fourth wave slams into Saskatoon. Gary Mason discusses how overly-reluctant governments are needing to be pressured by their constituents to take any action at all to push for further vaccinations, while Zak Vescera highlights how Scott Moe is refusing to follow the lead of even other conservative premiers in doing anything to limit the damage. 

- Lori Fox offers a personal perspective as to why workers aren't eager to endanger themselves and their loved ones in order to provide restaurant owners and patrons with cut-rate and precarious labour. 

- Meanwhile, David Macdonald updates his work in determining who has funded COVID supports, and finds that the federal government has continued to foot almost the entire bill (though that should give voters pause about the prospect of a Trudeau government determined to bring existing supports to an end, or an O'Toole administration which would have been opposed to them in the first place). 

- Andrew Elrod writes that contrary to what's become conventional wisdom in the U.S., the primary risk to progressive politics out of inflation is the danger of overreacting and sacrificing people's well-being to the goal of price stability. 

- Cassandra Jeffery explores how producers, workers and consumers alike are worse off due to corporate control over Canadian agriculture. 

- Finally, Linda McQuaig highlights the massive gap between a public demanding strong climate action and a just transition to a clean economy, and their elected representatives who are refusing to do anything of the sort. 

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