Tuesday, August 24, 2021

#Elxn44 Roundup

Noteworthy news and opinions from Canada's federal election campaign.

- Kiavash Najafi discusses how the Libs are struggling for lack of any reasonable explanation as to why they've precipitated an unnecessary election in the first place. And Jen Gerson wonders whether anybody in the Lib camp thought to question whether the election was a good idea. 

- Stewart Prest notes that this election is looking very much like 2015, only with the roles reversed between a Lib campaign attempting to brand itself with experience and moderation versus an NDP reaching out to younger and more aspirational voters with an appealing leader offering the promise of something better. 

- Innovative Research releases (PDF) poll results showing strong support for a government that takes better care of its citizens, including through a basic income and improved public services. 

- Finally, Justin Ling calls out Erin O'Toole's slippery posturing on "conscience rights" as an excuse to deny basic health care including abortion and services to trans people. And Andrew Jackson notes that the Cons' supposed promise of income benefits for working seniors (itself a problematic enough place to be intervening in the economy) would in fact be clawed back for many recipients. 

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