Thursday, August 26, 2021

#Elxn44 Roundup

The latest from Canada's federal election campaign.

- David Climenhaga offers a warning against Conservatives bearing gifts, both generally and in their plan for token representation on corporate boards. And the Canadian Labour Congress highlights how the Cons' interest in gig workers is limited to saddling them with far less retirement security and unemployment insurance rights than most workers. 

- Bradley Lafortune discusses the value of actually creating a child care system, rather than merely handing out money and hoping that will result in spaces emerging out of thin air. 

- Ricardo Tranjan warns against accepting definitions of "affordable" private rental housing which require upwards of half of a tenant's income to be handed over as rent, while pointing out the importance of public and non-profit housing to actually ensure people can afford homes. And PressProgress calls out Justin Trudeau's disingenuous attempt to cast blame solely on the Cons for severe cuts and devolution which were carried out primarily by Lib governments. 

- Seth Klein makes the case for voters to decide based on their assessment as to which candidate will be a champion for climate justice. 

- Finally, Chantal Hebert discusses how Justin Trudeau has become the candidate of petulance and gloom. And Angus Reid's polling shows that attitude is being reciprocated by voters.

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