Thursday, August 13, 2020

Thursday Evening Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- David Macdonald discusses the opportunity to transition from the temporary CERB to a permanently-improved income support system for Canadians - along with the danger that people relying on modest relief now will be left to drown if the old EI rules are applied. Tammy Schirle and Mikal Skuterud note that contrary to the usual anti-social spin, there's no evidence at all that the availability of an improved safety net has led to less searching for work. And Kate Hayman and Jesse McLaren comment on the need for paid sick leave to ensure workers can keep their families and workplaces healthy.

- Lori Johb rightly argues that Saskatchewan can and should aim higher than to value austerity over investment in care for people. And Michael Pina points out the movement for group economics which has received some unexpected attention thanks to the uniform choices of three NBA players.

- Meanwhile, Adam Saifer points out how the coronavirus has highlighted the insufficiency of charity to deal with collective needs.

- Luke Savage notes that COVID-19 has exposed the cruelty underlying the U.S. economy. And Brett Christopher discusses how the UK's handing of a massive PPE contract to an entirely unqualified political friend of the government reflects the rise of rentier capitalism.

- Finally, Justin Mikulka notes that the much-vaunted Bakken fracking boom has busted, while operators haven't bothered to clean up their mess.

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