Saturday, August 15, 2020

Saturday Morning Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- As the Libs continue to stall on announcing a promised transition from an expiring CERB to a revised employment insurance system, David Macdonald details who stands to lose out if EI simply operates as it has in the past.

- Leslie Young reports on Theresa Tam's warning that COVID-19 may overwhelm Canada's health care system this fall if we're not careful. And Ruth Robillard makes the case for more protections in schools to limit its spread.

- Meanwhile, Stephanie Levitz reports on one positive initiative to ensure that surplus food which would otherwise have gone to waste will instead find its way to people who need it.

- CBC News reports on the growing movement in support of Tristan Durocher and the Walking With our Angels camp. And Michael Bramadat-Willcock's report includes Durocher's apt comparison between Saskatchewan's suicide crisis and a wildfire being allowed to burn when it could be controlled. 

- Finally, Paris Marx discusses the futility of hearkening back to earlier stages of capitalism rather than working on building a more equitable and democratic alternative.

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