Sunday, August 09, 2020

Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness (via Behind the Numbers) examines how women are bearing the brunt of homelessness and insecure housing in the midst of a pandemic, while Victoria Gibson reports on the increasing number of children in Toronto's homeless shelters. Ben Miljure reports on just one of the landlords ignoring any prohibition against evictions to try to force people out of a home. Conor Dougherty warns of the impending wave of evictions as the U.S.' protections for tenants expire. And Naomi Klein warns about the risks facing a lockdown generation - while noting that housing solutions which worked during the Great Depression would provide more support than the government is bothering with now.

- Meanwhile, Nill Kaplan-Myrth discusses the need for the workers and experts in all areas of social policy to work together in solving the social problems which have been exposed by COVID-19. Marta Zaraska is hopeful that we can emerge from the pandemic with a renewed focus on kindness and social responsibility. And the Guardian points out a plan by Stephen Machin and Lee Elliot Major to ensure the wealthiest few pay their fair share to fund the assistance people need.

- Kiera Krogstad expresses her disappointment in the Moe government's sad excuse for a back-to-school plan from the perspective of a high school student, while Carla Shynkaruk reports on the plight of a family with an immunocompromised child. Adam Miller surveys a group of experts on what's missing from provincial plans so far, while Tess Kalinowski reports on the thorough federal-level recommendations which aren't reflected in provincial choices. And Jack Power and Jack Horgan-Jones report on Ireland's large-scale teacher hiring and capital grants to ensure that distancing is possible within schools.

- Finally, David Shukman writes about the impending future in which the summer is too hot for humans to survive over large swaths of the planet. And Moira Warburton reports on the collapse of the Milne Ice Shelf as just the latest climate disaster which shows how we're failing to avert a complete breakdown of our natural environment.


  1. Gee, you all are finally getting it....climate change was/is always real...For decades 'good-ethical' scientists have been telling the truth thru a fog of paid wannabes. Its too late, our best time (s) of the year will be spring and fall. We've really screw up add too, our degree of timidity in silently avoiding any tangible investigation of the 2008-09 derivative fraud by banks etc. Now we have to also pay for corporate wars-for-resources on top of plugging the expanding holes of pollution in our air. water and soil.....get it?

    1. I can assure you I've been dealing with those issues in this space for a decade and a half. The problem is trying to translate that awareness into action.