Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- David Climenhaga sees Jeremy Corbyn's resounding victory in the Labour leadership race as compelling evidence that progressive hope can win over centre-right fearmongering, while Michael Laxer takes some lessons away for Canadian politics. And Paul Krugman notes that there's a reason why voting members didn't take the Blairites seriously when it came to the economy in particular.

- Meanwhile, PressProgress points out that the Cons have been reduced to trying to create panic about their own economic failures in the hope that it'll somehow keep voters wanting to continue with what's failing miserably.

- Tim Harper points out that the Cons are still struggling to try to push refugees out of the political spotlight, while Andrew Mitrovica documents some of the more appalling lies they've told in the process. And Martin Regg Cohn highlights what needs to come next for us to make meaningful progress in helping refugees - both in Syria, and in a growing set of climate and political crises.

- Dan Leger raises the most important question of the election campaign at the moment - being that of where the Cons can possibly pick up support within an electorate set on change. And Mark Burgess and Abbas Rana report on some of the discord we'd expect within a party which doesn't seem to have a plausible path to hold power.

- Finally, Sean Holman takes a look at what our political parties are offering when it comes to access to information and government accountability - and points out that while it hasn't yet been included in the election platform, the NDP's plans in the last Parliament have gone far beyond anything proposed by the Libs. And the CP reports on just the latest example of the Cons' appalling secrecy, as the Information Commissioner is taking the government to court to try to bring records to light.

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