Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Ira Basen discusses the Canadian federal election campaign's focus on the middle class - as well as the reality that the economic security which looms as the most important priority within that group will require more government action than the limited policies currently on offer. And Tavia Grant comments on how precarious work is being addressed by Canada's federal parties.

- Meanwhile, Andrew Jackson discusses a new Centre for Spatial Economics study showing the positive economic effects of a long-term infrastructure plan.

- Dave Seglins, Harvey Cashore and Frederic Zalac report on how an offshore tax avoidance scheme involve "gifts" of income from tax havens has come under the CRA's scrutiny, and follow up on the significant delays in prosecuting the offenders.

- Ian MacLeod reports on Craig Forcese and Kent Roach's forthcoming book on the problems with Canada's security apparatus in general and Bill C-51 in particular.

- Michael Laxer writes about Stephen Harper's terrible week of campaigning. And Neil Macdonald argues that the Cons' repeated embarrassments are the natural consequences of an extended attempt to silence an entire political party. Which isn't to say the Cons are done on that front, as Elizabeth Thompson reports on the Cons' attempt to stifle any comment from even unsuccessful nomination candidates by withholding a deposit if they dare to speak a word outside the party's message track.

- Finally, the Canadian Medical Association Journal surveys the health issues under discussion so far in the federal election campaign. 

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