Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- PressProgress highlights just a few of the Cons' obviously-flawed claims about corporate tax rates. And Ethan Cox discusses why we should be talking about the CETA and TPP during the campaign both due to their own importance, and the potential to tap into public concerns. 

- Martin Lukacs writes about the importance of the Leap Manifesto as a challenge to a deeply-entrenched and destructive status quo. And Thomas Mulcair's response to an attempt to use it as a political gotcha is well worth a look:

- Susan Delacourt calls out the Cons' dog-whistle appeal to anti-Muslim bigotry. Noah Arney and Joey deVilla provide some context to Stephen Harper's "old stock" classification of Canadians. Murray Dobbin traces back the Cons' history of hostility to refugees in particular and immigration in general. And CBC reports on the Cons' refusal to allow theatre performers from Iraq into the country as part of their general suspicion of anybody from the region. 

- Finally, Michael Harris asks whether even core Conservatives are washing their hands of the Harper regime.


  1. Thomas Mulcair is an arctic monkey?

    1. The CTV clip of Mulcair comes up in both the HTML source and multiple browsers - so I'm not sure why it would be showing anything else.

      (Though Arctic Monkey and Leap Manifesto would both be acceptable if unconventional answers to the Secret Service name question: )