Friday, February 08, 2013

#skndpldr Roundup

Not surprisingly, the Saskatchewan NDP leadership campaigns look to be focused entirely on their efforts to get out the vote now that the voting window has opened. And so aside from a few additional endorsements all around and some jostling for position in the early voting, there hasn't been much new beyond the candidates' own activities.

On that front, the candidates appeared in Prince Albert yesterday and took part in both an unofficial a debate for MNB Northern Radio (documented in part by Max FineDay), and the official party forum (reported on by Matt Gardner, and live-tweeted by Erica Spracklin, Brett Estey and Nathaniel Cole). And they'll be participating in another Regina debate tomorrow afternoon.

Which is to say, there should be plenty more to talk about before long. And I'll be particularly interested to see whether a couple of developing trends in publicly-posted votes continue over the next little while.

[Update: Corrected to note that the MNB forum was party-organized as well.]


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  2. I noticed recently that Ryan Meili received the endorsement of one Greg Fingas, something I consider a feather in his cap. You should mention that. ;)

    1. Heh. This is why I'd make for a lousy media conglomerate - I'm more interested in making a point and moving on than declaring it to be news and turning it into a multi-day story. So many self-promotional opportunities missed...

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