Tuesday, February 05, 2013

On clarifications

Shorter Fred DeLorey:

Silly media, wasting its time asking whether we Cons were polling over gerrymandering Saskatchewan riding boundaries.  That would involve caring about respondents' opinions. The word you're looking for is "propagandizing".

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  1. The fundamental dishonesty, obstruction, manipulation and outright lies and deceit continue to be stunning. The epicenters of the Harper Government holy trinity of assaults on Canada and Canadians continues to be electoral, environmental and economical.

    - Electoral fraud & suppression. Stop at nothing electorally .. stoop to anything .. deny, cover up, cheat again. Deny, bluster. Lie more. Crooks

    I can't wait to see how every mainstream media entity covers this latest un-Canadian activity and attempted denial and cover-up. DeLorey, Van Loan, Del Mastro, Arthur Hamilton, Jenni Byrne, Poilievre, Kenney, Fantino, Mackay, Oliver, Ray Novak, Kent, Flaherty, Duffy, Brazeau, Baird .. Its the parade of elected and unelected asshats.. following Stephen Harper to infamy.

    - Environmental trashing. Strip all impediments that might protect the Environment. Claim they are environmental heroes. Lie Lie .. Polluters

    - Economic lies, obstructing truth, muzzlers pretending to appear fiscally capable or responsible. Lie Lie Lie .. Incapable lying buffoons

    Question Period should air on TV to ensure all of Canada whether at home, or at school, or at work or in bars or restaurants get to see complete horses asses reading and endlessly repeating carbon tax and payroll tax attacks on the NDP