Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ya know, there might just be a story there

Not that I disagree with this part of John Ivison's latest:
A large number of the “broken promises” revolve around accountability for which the Conservatives lost their enthusiasm once in power. This is a government that has long believed if Canadians don’t know what the government is doing, they don’t know what it’s doing wrong. Hence, the complaints of Suzanne Legault, the federal information commissioner, that the Access to Information regime is “at rock bottom”, in part because her office cannot order the release of information — another thing the Tories said they would facilitate.
But is there any particular reason why the Cons' belief in keeping Canadians in the dark for their own political protection should be a mid-paragraph throw-in, rather than a major issue for Ivison and others to highlight at every available opportunity?

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