Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nicely done

I suspect most readers will have already found their way to it. But for those who haven't, Tabatha Southey duly mocks the Cons' latest act of Harper worship:
The look of the “Rising to the Challenge” ad is Canadian Gothic: Stephen Harper walks alone through the empty corridors of Centre Block, much like Will Smith in I Am Legend. Where is everyone else? Is he locked in? Or has everyone else been locked out? We don't know.

Bright light pouring in through the arched stained-glass windows suggests that either it's daylight outside or an alien invasion is under way. Either way, our Prime Minister is unperturbed.

He makes his way upstairs to his office, where, with the wooden blinds on the windows drawn fastidiously against the light, he works from a few tidy files, writing things on papers – according to the closing shot (Exterior: Night, Parliament Hill), all night long.

There's no computer on his desk. I think this is meant to suggest an old-fashioned work ethic, but when I see a man without a computer, I immediately think, “Oh, condition of parole.”

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