Friday, January 21, 2011

Just wondering

Before anybody declares that the Libs are positioning themselves "to the left" of the NDP, shouldn't they be expected to explain what about the Libs' stance is (a) different from the NDP's position, and (b) different in a way that is actually further left than the NDP? Because two Lib ads which fully reflect the NDP's position don't seem to me to fit the definition.

Granted, they do reflect that the Libs are trying to position themselves as the main left-wing option for voters. But the message isn't that the NDP is to the right of the Libs, so much as that the Libs hope to talk loud enough to drown out the NDP's genuine left-wing voice. And I'm not sure many Canadians will be fooled if the Libs claim they can make up in noise what they lack in sincerity.

(Edit: fixed typo.)

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