Friday, December 31, 2010

Same old story, corporate taxes edition

I'm sure we'll still see the media cheerleading for the Libs' sad excuse for a choice on corporate tax slashing. But Scott Brison gives the game away by making it clear that the difference between his party and the Cons is somewhere between slim and nonexistent:
"It's a major expenditure and it significantly impacts the fiscal capacity of the country, so we would view it as essential that the government reverse its position on that issue," said Liberal legislator Scott Brison.

The Liberals support the tax cuts but only at a later date after Ottawa has eliminated its budget deficit, he said.
In other words, the Libs figure Canadians' choice should be limited to deciding whether corporate tax cuts are seen as priority #1 - as they are for the Cons, and normally are for the Libs as well - or whether they're priority #2, to be put in place as soon as enough programs can be slashed to cover their cost.

Needless to say, Brison's stance makes it clear that anybody who figures that yet another round of gratuitous giveaways to profitable corporations shouldn't be a top priority at all won't find any more of a receptive ear among the Libs than the Cons. And with the Libs making clear that their much-overhyped argument over corporate tax cuts is only a matter of when rather than if, hopefully media commentators will stop pretending there's any difference in substance between the two parties who have done nothing but encourage a race to the bottom for over a decade.

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