Thursday, December 30, 2010

And if you don't like those principles, we've got others

The Libs' deeply-held beliefs on corporate tax slashing, circa September 2008:
Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion flatly rejected forming a coalition government with the New Democrats today on the heels of hints from NDP Leader Jack Layton that he'd be open to the idea.

Mr. Dion, speaking after an address to a Vancouver-area business crowd today, said he could not work with Mr. Layton in this way because the NDP leader wants to hike taxes on business.
The Libs' deeply-held beliefs on corporate tax slashing, circa December 2010:
Liberal MPs today called on the NDP to demand the cancellation of Conservative corporate tax breaks at a time of deficit in favour of easing the economic pressures on average Canadian families.
“We’re disappointed that the Conservatives ignored our advice to stop borrowing money to cut taxes for our largest corporations,” said Mr. Regan. “Now it falls to the NDP to take a principled stand in favour of middle-class families by refusing to support the Conservatives’ unaffordable corporate tax cut plan.”
Of course, it's anybody's guess what the Libs think they're accomplishing in merely challenging the NDP to further reinforce its own long-held position that other priorities deserve more attention than giveaways to big business. But having done plenty to push the Cons to slash corporate taxes in the past, the Libs are the last party to have any credibility in pretending to stand up for the interests of ordinary Canadians when their needs are lined up against the greed of the corporate sector.

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