Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Regina South: Heather McIntyre to Seek NDP Nomination

With a competitive nomination race developing in Regina Coronation Park, it's fairly clear that the Saskatchewan NDP is on strong ground in replacing its retiring MLAs. But with the party obviously needing to win additional seats in order to form government in 2011, the next question is whether it might face any more difficulty recruiting strong challengers in seats now held by the Sask Party.

Fortunately, there's some great news on that front. After running a strong City Council campaign last year in Ward 2, Heather McIntyre is now aiming for the NDP's nomination in Regina South, making a direct personal appeal about the harm done by the Wall government:
My grandmother lives in a Regina South nursing home with staff the government refuses to treat with respect. My daughter’s school may lose its teaching assistants and the value they bring to countless families. And soon my neighbours will be paying higher power bills. Everyone in Saskatchewan is being forced to pay for the Wall government’s mismanagement.
With the 2009 City Council race giving her both plenty of recent campaign experience and a head start in parts of the constituency, McIntyre should be a formidable candidate for the nomination. But there's also talk that she may not be alone in pursuing a seat which saw one of the NDP's two narrow losses in Regina in 2007.


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