Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More reviews are in

Don Martin:
It remains to be seen who wil be declared the victor of the brief dispute, but the one certain consequence of this bogus election standoff would be the end of the Michael Ignatieff honeymoon.

The rookie Liberal leader went from condemning the government on multiple fronts, preening himself as a portrait of moral rectitude willing to defend his party’s virtue on the campaign trail if those Conservative evil-doers didn’t play nice with the unemployed, to a leader who was knocked back on his heels by a Prime Minister who did nothing but reject his key proposal.

That whirling sound you could hear on Parliament Hill within hours of his ultimatum list was Mr. Ignatieff backpedaling away from his own rhetoric.
Now that the alleged easy ride from foreign import to prime minister-in-waiting is over, the Conservatives can cancel their “Just Visiting” Ignatieff attack ads. He’s proven himself capable of mortal misjudgments — and that reputation is here to stay.

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