Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Ignatieff backs down on..."

...anything and everything. But in this case, isotopes:
The agreement between Ignatieff and Prime Minister Stephen Harper contains not a word about the medical crisis that could delay some diagnostic procedures for cancer or heart patients.

Early in the week, Ignatieff had demanded a written plan from Harper on how to solve the problem, which has worsened since the May 14 shutdown of the Chalk River nuclear reactor.

The Liberal leader defended the lack of specific agreement on isotopes, saying, "I've done my job, which is to go to the prime minister and say to him on behalf of Canadians 'You've got to have a plan, it has to be public, you have to tell Canadians what you're telling me -- which is that we're into triage.'
So in Ignatieff's view, his job is to be seen complaining without actually caring whether anything gets done as a result. Which explains a lot about the Libs' strategy since he took over.

Meanwhile, at least one opposition party sees itself having a role in trying to bring about change by pointing out the need for action:
The NDP yesterday launched a Facebook site for patients and doctors affected by the isotope shortage. The open group is called "The isotope shortage is hurting my family and friends."

The party hopes ordinary Canadians will share their experiences, and doctors and specialists will also participate.

Cullen said in the absence of a government plan, the Facebook site is "at least starting the conversation.
We'll see how successful the effort proves in bringing together Canadians concerned about the issue. But it's at least a plus that one party recognizes that its job isn't done based solely on a sad attempt at posturing.

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