Friday, May 08, 2009

On answers

I've mentioned before why there's every reason for confidence that the Hale report into the Lingenfelter membership controversy will properly be made public. But for those looking for something from the party itself, the NDP's provincial secretary has acknowledged the public demand for full disclosure:
Disclosure of Hale's final report will be up to the leadership committee, (Provincial Secretary Deb McDonald) said, adding they are well aware of the desire of party members and the public to have answers.
Again, when that awareness is paired with the fact that even Lingenfelter is likely better off having everything made public and working to move on rather than having a cloud of uncertainty hanging over him for the final month of the campaign, neither the leadership committee nor any of the campaigns would figure to have any motivation to hide Hale's findings. So there's every reason for optimism that the NDP will keep up its pattern of openness and accountability when Hale's investigation is complete.

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