Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On hackery

With a month and a half left to go in the Saskatchewan NDP leadership race, there's plenty of time for new entries in the battle for the least insightful commentary on the contest. But Murray Mandryk's latest column looks to be a strong contender.

Looking for a single mention of any candidate aside from Dwain Lingenfelter? You won't find that in Mandryk's pontifications.

But if you'd like to theorize (a) that it's somehow a bad thing for the party that Lingenfelter has made some efforts to appeal to the left rather than running solely on a platform of "resistance is futile", and (b) that a single YouTube video from a new and anonymous user somehow represents evidence of an irreparable split in the NDP, then Mandryk has just the kind of content-free NDP-bashing you're looking for.

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