Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Proudly under investigation

Wajid Khan responds to the question of whether his car dealership's loans to his former Lib riding association violated the Canada Elections Act:
Khan said he's been cleared. "Why don't you talk to the authorities and find out yourself instead of me telling you. Let Elections Canada let you know," he told ctv.ca.
The only problem with such a statement is that it tends to lead an enterprising reporter to actually ask Elections Canada. And from them, the story is somewhat different:
Elections Canada said it is "in the process of reviewing" the case.
Granted, an ongoing review is far from a finding of guilt - but no further than it is from a final decision that's "cleared" Khan at the other end of the spectrum. And if Khan is as far out of touch with Elections Canada's actual rules as his new party-mates, the last thing he may want in the long run is for Election Canada to be the one "telling" Canadians whether what he's done was valid.

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