Thursday, January 18, 2007

Choosing the issues

The Greens' impending conference on poverty, along with speculation that the party will take up a call for a guaranteed annual income, has surprisingly received little (though at least some) attention in the blogosphere. But with the Libs lurching toward a passivist view of government, it's worth acknowledging that the NDP isn't the only federal party which is aware of both the importance of poverty as an issue, and the need for the federal government to be involved in the solution.

Which isn't to say that the Greens apparently have all the answers either. Contrary to Elizabeth May's apparent expectations from the Star article a guaranteed annual income wouldn't solve all the problems related to poverty in Canada. And it's worth asking whether the NDP's more targeted means of addressing specific poverty-related issues such as child malnutrition, seniors' income and benefits, and improvements to the existing safety net would offer both a better chance of being implemented, and more bang for the federal buck.

But whatever the ultimate solution, there shouldn't be much room for doubt that the issue of poverty needs to play a far more prominent role in Canada's political discussions. And hopefully the Greens' action will help to make sure that's the case from here on in.

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